New Sea Water for Shuaiba Industrial Area, Pumping Plant "D" on a BUILD, OPERATE AND TRANSFER basis (BOT). For Public Authority for Industry.


Consultancy Services for Study, Design and Supervision in all disciplines: Site Construction Supervision for refurbishment of an existing major sea water pumping station project.


The Works are to be carried out at Pumbing station "C" on the Shuaiba Industrial Area which is located approximately 50 KM south of Kuwait. Pumbing Station "C" provides sea cooling water to various industries within the Industrial area.


Construction of New Pumbing Plant to meet the cooling water requirements of a proposed PIC Aromatic, Olefins Plant and Industrial activities in the area to be served. Renovation works of the pumping plant "C" which is the replacement of seven (7) existing cooling water pumps, No.1 to 7 and the associated civil works, mechanical and electrical equipment with higher capacity pumps thereby increasing the availability of standby pumps.

Client: Public Authority for Industry (PAI), Kuwait
Project Cost: KD 45.0 MILLION
Associated Firm: Mott MacDonaldUnited Kingdom
% of work done by us: 30%
Period: Awarded on 2002, and still ongoing




Architecture / Engineering / Planning / Construction Management