National Assembly Buildings for Members and the Information Centre, Kuwait. For the Ministry of Public works, Special Project Administration/ Agreement No. SPA/116


Study, Design and Supervision in all disciplines; These new facilities present a unique opportunity (Data collection, Analysis and Survey) to design new buildings that embody the objectives, goals and aspiration of the people and the state of Kuwait.


Interior design of the refreshment of National Assembly is very successful design that provides a classic modern statement in an Islamic and Arabic cultural context.


Due to the growing Number of National Assembly employees and the need for new home for the Information Centre, Two new buildings are required. The building are to be situated on the existing National Assembly site.


Required are:


-         A New Members Office Building housing 75 members, their staff and other support which numbers 375. The gross building area is to be 15,540 M2.

-         A New Building for the Information Centre is to house 158 staff in a gross building area of 6,433 m2.

-         A New Civil Defence Shelter (C4 class) with capacity to accommodate the total occupancy of the new buildings plus additional 10% is to be provided in a new structure of 6,000 m2.

-         A re-development of the existing site shall accommodate various the parking requirements, new internal road circulation and new landscaping. The Total Area is approximately 11,000m2.

Client: Ministry of Public Works (MPW) Special Projects Administration, Kuwait
Project Cost: KD 18.0 MILLION
Associated Firm: Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum Inc., Netherlands
% of work done by us: 40%
Period: Awarded on 2003, and still ongoing




Architecture / Engineering / Planning / Construction Management